ethics & sustainability

Sustainable by our very existence.

At Partridge Jewellers, the concept of sustainability has a particularly important meaning to us. By its purest definition, it is the quality of something that is ‘able to be maintained at a certain rate or level for a long period of time’. Therefore, at 150 years old, we can intrinsically call ourselves a sustainable business. Furthermore, we work in an industry where the materials that comprise our product have been proven to last an eternity; materials that are cyclical by their very nature of being nigh on impossible to destroy. Materials that are relatively easy to repurpose and repair.

All this said, we have come a long way since our humble beginnings in TImaru in 1864, having grown to become New Zealand’s most prominent family-owned jewellery business — one that manufactures and sells products locally within New Zealand via a global network of partners. With this growth comes an increasing number of complexities and moving parts that are pivotal to the way we operate, as well as a greater duty of care to our country, our people and our planet.

Through the following efforts, we hope to safeguard our place for more generations of thriving & environmentally responsible business.


As with all aspects of our business, our standards are influenced by the company we keep, and in this instance, the revered and standard-setting luxury brands we work with. Currently, we are applying these standards to a thorough and introspective sustainability & ethics audit overseen by the Responsible Jewellery Council that will take a lens to every facet of our business, from the internal workings of our head office, through to our domestic workshops and overseas manufacturers. 



At Partridge Jewellers, we embrace the infinite life cycle of fine jewellery and where appropriate fully encourage its reinvention. With several in-house workshops and on-site jewellers, we welcome the opportunity to take existing pieces and use their respective materials to create something new. While not available for large scale production, we are pleased to provide access to 100% recycled gold and repurposed diamonds for bespoke pieces. Visit our team in store to find out more.



At Partridge Jewellers, we believe in the beauty and rarity of natural diamonds. Not only do lab grown diamonds create three times the amount of carbon emissions as mined diamonds but they have an added negative effect on the environment through the energy required to create them as this energy often comes from coal-fuelled high-pressure, high-temperature furnaces. We believe that today, modern diamond mining provides safe, high-quality and high-paying jobs.

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