Specialty Diamonds


Embodying their timeless slogan ‘A diamond is forever’ each Forevermark diamond, comes with an undeniable show of prestige, love and passion. Following their unmatched quality assessment and selection processes, with less than 1% of the world’s diamonds reaching the calibre required to become a Forevermark diamond, the quality of a Forevermark diamond is paramount to any other.



Each ASHOKA® diamond possesses an element of extraordinary perfection, with fewer than one percent of diamonds worldwide measuring up to the exacting criteria to qualify for the coveted ASHOKA® title. Requiring a rough larger and longer than most, and standards of polish unlike any other, each diamond ensures quality, brilliance and rarity. Every ASHOKA® diamond is cut by one of William Goldberg’s master cutters, creating a one-of-a-kind, patented look of elongated elegance.


Movál® diamonds are truly unique. They possess many features of a marquise cut, but have the soft curves of an oval. Essentially, the beauty of both cuts are showcased in a single stone. Movál® diamonds are also famous for their intense scintillation due to the expert placement of their facets.


Argyle Pink

Pink diamonds are among the rarest of natural gemstones, making up 0.1% of the total carat weight mined worldwide, and expectations of less than a decade of pink diamonds available to be mined. Originating in the east Kimberley region of Western Australia, the Argyle mines are responsible for 90% of the world’s pink diamond supply. All Argyle pink diamonds are 100% natural, and with the mine indefinitely closed as of November 2020, are expected to become one of life’s most treasured rarities.