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ASHOKA® diamonds are like no others. Less than one percent of diamond roughs meet the standards necessary to be transformed by the ASHOKA® cut. The rough must be larger and longer than most. The cut must be precise and honour the qualities of the stone. Its polish must be exceptional. ASHOKA® diamonds are exclusive to Partridge Jewellers in New Zealand.

First created by William Goldberg in 1999, the trademarked ASHOKA® cut is truly unique. ASHOKA® diamonds have an elegant, elongated shape, precisely rounded corners, and an impressive 62 facets. The effect is mesmerising. An ASHOKA® diamond captures light, transforms it, and releases it with incredible energy.
Partridge Jewellers are proud to be the exclusive retailer of ASHOKA® diamonds in New Zealand. We have created a stunning range of jewellery to showcase these rare stones including engagement and dress rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

Please get in touch to learn more about any of the pieces in our ASHOKA® collection. To view these incredible stones in-person, visit one of our seven stores. Our bespoke service is also available for those who wish to create a jewellery piece as unique as ASHOKA® diamonds themselves.

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