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These days, when it comes to getting engaged, the rules are largely unwritten. Traditionally, it might have been the male who visited the jewellery store in secret, a portion of his salary set aside up to choose a suitable diamond. And while this tradition remains a strong mechanic of modern engagement stories, today the process can unfold in a variety of ways, including a shared experience. 

When Content Creator Laura Hadlow recently got engaged to her fiancé William Mitchell, they chose to shop for an engagement ring together, ultimately choosing one from Partridge Jewellers for the occasion. “We looked around at a few different stores at the beginning, but Partridge made us feel confident with their large selection and wealth of knowledge in the industry. I felt I was dealing with people I could trust.” William says of his experience. 

From Laura’s perspective, “the luxurious environment, knowledge and high quality selection of diamonds were what drew us in. I found the team to be extremely helpful when it came to talking about what was possible, for example designing my own setting and sourcing the right diamond. But that was when I left it up to William because I wanted him to have full control over the process after he understood the assignment.”

Partridge JewellersPartridge Jewellers

With a range of speciality trademark diamonds presenting something unique, the likelihood of finding ‘the one’ on a client’s first visit is unusually high. From the elongated cushion cut of the ASHOKA® diamond to the elegance of the stunning Movál® diamonds, the selection is rich with individual options. If it is something even more startling and more beautiful that is sought, De Beers Forevermark shines bright as an option with only 1% of the world’s natural diamonds meeting the stringent criteria required to carry the name. And if it is a custom solution that is required, bespoke and placeholder options are also available.

As New Zealand’s most-trusted name in the jewellery business, the Partridge team has the information and training necessary to help make the best decision when it comes to an engagement ring. “By having the luxury of knowing where we’ve come from, we are afforded an enlightened view of where we’re going; we’re not just thinking in the now, or even the immediate future, our vision lies with the next generation,” says fifth-generation owner Grant Partridge. “Having crafted a name for exquisite jewellery since 1864, over eight generations and two continents, we are, by its very definition, a sustainable business. Not only that, but we deal in beautiful items that are designed to last a lifetime. So when the time comes, for your ring to be pass down, we’ll be here for that too.”